Goal to achieve

Each team will have 7 tasks to complete, 3 from network & 4 from email. Each task you need to complete to get a score.

TIPS to get the score:

  • Find the log & analyze first. Then, based on your finding to specify the required protection. General profile & protection may not work!

  • You SHOULD NOT block the legitimate traffic

  • You SHOULD block the attack

  • You can start from network or email challenge. Only Email Challenge 1 need to be done before Email Challenge 2,3,4. Other tasks are not required to be done in sequence

  • Score of each question will be different. It depends on how hard is the question and how much effort needed to solve it out. You may make your own strategy to finish it.


In case you get any problem, don’t hesitate to ask our colleague. We are here to help you~