Email Security Challenges (1-4)

End users are complaining about unsolicited emails in their mailboxes. You have to review the configuration of your FortiMail and make the appropriate changes to block suspicious or dangerous email based on the information provided below. In order for system to keep a record of your changes, please make sure to configure your profiles actions to Reject for all email you would like to block. 


Email Challenge 1 (400 score)

Malicious email attachments have been reported. Make sure that the basic security policies are configured on FortiMail. Also make sure that legitimate attachment can still be relayed.

As a lot of email coming from internet, please make sure legitimate email can still be relayed.


Email Challenge 2 (400 score)

Unsolicited emails can sometime contain embarrassing content, following an incident that impacted a member of board of directors, you are requested to reject any email with content that’s inappropriate for work.


Email Challenge 3 (400 score)

An employee got his computer infected and locked. When asked what he was doing before the incident, he said

that he was trying to book an flight online. In reality, he received an invitation by email to get a free ticket ...


Email Challenge 4 (400 score)

To obfuscate threats, attackers can use different methods, one of the most challenging is the attachment encryption. To secure your company perimeter, the CISO is requesting that you to ensure that any incoming attachment can be open and scanned.

TIPS for you:

  • In order to get the score, you need to allow legitimate & block malicious email.

  • You must configure the action Reject to get the score.

  • In case you find all emails are delayed, please double check your session control.